Okra Abbey

Okra Abbey -- Wide View.jpg

What is Okra Abbey?

At first glance, Okra Abbey looks like a community garden, and while that is true, Okra Abbey is also a sacred space for the residents of the Pigeon Town neighborhood in New Orleans. Unlike many sacred spaces, our sanctuary is a garden where we grow food to share with our neighbors. Like other sacred spaces, Okra Abbey is a place where people grow in friendship and faith alongside one another through the sharing of stories, scripture, prayers, and food. 

Okra Abbey is a mission of the Presbytery of South Louisiana and a New Worshipping Community of the Presbyterian Church (USA). 

Our Hope

Our hope is to build up a community that reflects the diversity of our neighborhood and the Kingdom of God. We hope to provide a welcome that is wide enough to include and center the most vulnerable members of our community and a welcome that is compiling enough to reach those who are not in need of a free meal. We desire for Okra Abbey to be sacred space for all our neighbors and a place where all find rest, refuge, spiritual recreation, and community.