What can you do?

    To help support Okra Abbey's mission and work in the community, donations can be made through our GoFundMe page (see link below).

       Okra Abbey also offers an Urban Abbey experience to volunteer groups that interweaves spiritual practices such as walking the prayer labyrinth and planting prayers in the community prayer garden bed with volunteer work days.  If your group is interested in coming out for the Urban Abbey experience you can contact us year round to schedule a date for your group.
     Investment, both through money and time, are greatly appreciated and necessary to Okra Abbey's ability to continue living out our mission in the Pigeon Town community and keeping the produce we grow free to share with our neighbors in need.

All donations given to this GoFundMe page will be directly used for the Okra Abbey which is a validated ministry of the Presbytery of South Louisiana. This donation is tax deductible. Following you donation the Okra Abbey team will send you a tax receipt. Please be sure to leave an email address or mailing address.



Donations to the Okra Abbey can be made through our GoFundMe page.

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Come and volunteer in the Abbey - contact us year round to set up dates and times.

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